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Planning for a New Chilton
The future of Chilton's Uptown. Click on to enlarge.
The future of Chilton's Uptown. Click on to enlarge.

Uptown Revitalization

For a majority of the city’s 125 years, Chilton’s central business districts—the Uptown and the Downtown—have been the center of economic, commercial and retail activity. But like most communities, the edges of the community have grown, leaving the city’s center in need of revitalization.

To address this concern, Chilton began an aggressive campaign to improve these core areas. In 2002, the city commissioned Vandewalle & Associates to create a Central Business District Opportunity Analysis that describes the opportunities for land use, redevelopment, urban design and economic development for these two districts.

The opportunity analysis created this five-step process in which to begin implementing change:

    1. Creation of a Redevelopment Authority to oversee redevelopment activities;
    2. Creation of a Master Plan that defines reuse and redevelopment projects;
    3. Creation of a statutorily-mandated redevelopment district and project plan;
    4. Identification and creation of financing strategies, including tax increment finance, state and federal grant programs and private donations; and
    5. Creation of a coherent implementation strategy to actively pursue and coordinate public and private development as well as economic development.

The city began implementing the recommended steps. It began by establishing a Redevelopment Authority (RDA) in late 2002. After setting its goals and objectives, the RDA hired Vandewalle & Associates to create a master plan for the city’s Uptown area. This involved many meetings between citizens, business and property owners and government officials to discuss needs and wants for the Uptown area in addition to providing needed material to help for a vision, goals and the plan.

In early 2004, the master plan was completed (to download a copy, click here). The master plan provides the following:

    1. Defines the uptown area;
    2. Provides a vision for uptown area; and
    3. Recommends specific public improvement projects and site redevelopment areas.

As the master plan was being completed, Wisconsin laws regarding Tax Increment Financing (TIF) changed. These new changes, which allowed communities to expand or create new TIF areas, were a benefit the redevelopment plans. In September 2004, the city announced a plan to close two of its current TIF districts and to create a new district for both the Uptown and Downtown areas. In addition the city is seeking grants and other aids to complete some of the revitalization projects defined in the Uptown Master Plan.

In March 2005, the Chilton City Council and the Joint Review Board approved the creation of TIF district #4 which is the Uptown area (click here to see the map)

In June 2006, the city began a major step forward in the redevelopment of Uptown. The city demolished the two corner buildings north of the river on the corner of State and Main Streets. The former Farm Parts Building, located on 43 W. Main, was demolished. Additionally, the city hired Stadtmueller and Associates to do a market analysis to study what types of development would suit the Uptown district. The study results pointed favorably to a senior (55 years and older) housing development--48-unit apartment complex and/or 16-unit condominium development

In August 2006, the city issued a request for proposal for development of the corner of Main and Madison Streets, based on the results of the market study. In January 2007, the Chilton City Council, with a recommendation from the Redevelopment Authority and the Plan Commission, selected Horizon Development Inc. as the developer for the project. Horizon proposed to develop a 40-unit senior apartment complex. Horizon and the City continued to work together to develop alternatives to construct this vital piece in the city's development. In August 2008, Horizon announced that the company received the tax credits that will allow the company to develop the Chilton Uptown Senior Housing Apartments. Construction began in December 2008 and was completed July 31, 2009.

In August 2008, the Chilton RDA and City Council approved a vital piece in the Uptown's Redevelopment. The city purchased three lots on School Street, directly in front of City Hall. The home on one of the lots was purchased and moved to a lot on Jefferson Street. Additionally, the city purchased four lots on Main Street, directly behind the School Street lots. This allowed the RDA to create a connection between City Hall and Main Street. It also allowed additional parking stalls in the Uptown, an item judged to be a priority by Uptown property and business owners. In July 2009, the city demolished two additional buildings to widen the parking/greenspace area. In October 2012, a new parking lot was developed behind 24 W. Main Street to serve the businesses and their employees.

In 2009, two property owners took advantage of the city's revolving loan fund to do extensive improvements to their properties.


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