Chilton, Wisconsin

Public Works Department

Warning!  Stop Flushing Feminine Hygiene Products, Household Wipes And Baby Wipes Down The Toilet.

Please refrain from flushing any feminine hygiene products (plastic applicators, tampons, sanitary pads), household wipes or baby wipes down the toilet.  These items are notorious for clogging up pipes and creating problems for the sewage systems.  Many of these products are advertised as flushable, disposable or biodegradable but in reality they are not.  Think about it, the majority of these items are made of plastic, polyester, and cotton fibers.  All of these materials may eventually break down, but it can take years to do so.


All feminine hygiene products, household wipes and baby wipes should be disposed of in the trash, even if the packaging suggests otherwise.

Do not flush your feminine hygiene products, household wipes or baby wipes down the toilet.  Please dispose of them in your garbage can.  For more information contact Wastewater Department Leadman Tim Keuler at 849-9562.




The City of Chilton Public Works Department does the "heavy lifting" for the community. From snow and ice removal during the winter time to the road and park maintenance in the summer to providing water and sewer service to the community, Public Works is involved in the everyday operation of the City.


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