Chilton, Wisconsin

Public Works Committee
Committee MembersClayton Thornber (chair), Ron Gruett, Greg Kubichka.

Duties: The Public Works Committee oversees the city's Public Works Department and the development of streets, sidewalks and lighting. The Public Works Committee is concerned with city's municipal codes concerning the traffic codes, streets and sidewalks, municipal utilities and public works. The committee also oversees the weed commissioner.

Committee Goals

Review Municipal Code Regarding Residential Green Space and Driveways

Evaluation of Water Usage, Softening, Conservation

Continue Ongoing Education Of The Wellhead Protection Plan

Strive To Increase Capitol Replacement, Street Maintenance and Construction Funds

Work Closely With Industries Regarding Discharge To The Wastewater Treatment Plant

Work With Calumet County On The Reconstruction of State Street (CTY TRK F) and E. Main Street (CTY TRK Y)


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