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Building Permit Information

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Note: It's recommended that residents and builders contact the building inspector at 849-2451 prior to construction to see what is required by permit.

Failure to obtain a building permit before commencing with work will result in doubling the permit fee!

If the property owner is doing the work themselves, the estimated cost of the project is determined by calculating the total cost of all materials purchased and doubling the amount.

The Common Council of the City of Chilton made the following changes to the city's building permits on April 17, 2012.

SECTION I:  Section 10.03 BUILDING PERMITS is hereby amended to read as follows:



(b)  Building Permits – Residential (Required)

Building Permits are required for work exceeding $500.00 in value for building, repair, addition or structural alteration including accessory buildings and fences.


(c ) Building Permits – Residential (Required)

Building permits are required regardless of the cost of the project if any of these are affected:

1. Occupancy Area – Kitchen, Bath, Bedroom, Family Room

2. Structural Strength – Headers On Bearing Walls

3. Fire Protection – Attached Garages, Firewalls

4. Exits (Exiting) – This includes Porches, Decks


4. Electrical – Including new electric service, addition, or removal of electrical wiring or junction boxes.

5. Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning.

6. Plumbing – Removal or changing of water supply lines, drain lines, vents, gas lines, or water softeners

7. Zoning (setbacks, lot coverage or height).  This includes signs, fences, and pools.


(d)  Building Permits – Residential (Not Required)

1. Carpeting, Flooring, Wallpaper, Painting

2. The replacement of plumbing fixtures (toilet, sink, faucet, garbage disposal, water heater) as long as it does not involve the moving of water supply lines, or drain vent piping, and is not part of a remodeling project that requires a building permit by ordinance.

3. The replacement of outlets, switches, light fixtures as long as it does not involve adding of electrical circuits.


(e)  Building Permits –Industrial, Commercial, or Business  (Required)

Building permits are required for work exceeding $1,000. in value for building, repair, addition, structural alteration, change of use, change of occupancy or a change from another use or occupancy to a hazardous use or occupancy.

a.   Any project requiring architectural drawings, plan submittal, or a registered project with the State of WI will require a building permit.

b.   Electrical, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, or plumbing work involving installing a new electric service, the addition or removal of electrical wiring or junction boxes, removal or changing of water supply lines, drain lines, vents, or gas lines.


(f)   Building Permits – Industrial, Commercial, or Business - (Not Required)

1.         For plumbing or electrical work involved with the installation, moving, or relocation of fixtures, machinery, equipment, refrigeration equipment and similar items in agricultural, commercial, or industrial enterprises that is not an addition to the plumbing, electrical, or H.V.A.C. facilities and does not improve the building, plumbing, electrical or H.V.A.C.


Note:  In all zoning districts the value of the job if not provided will be determined by a minimum of the cost of materials doubled.

New Home Permits

Building permits are important when constructing a new home in order to ensure that your home meets all safety standards.

Applications permits can be picked up at Chilton City Hall from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Permits fees and other items that are needed include:

  • Building permit fee. Come to City Hall and have it calculated.
  • Erosion Control must accompany Plan.
  • Energy Worksheet must accompany Plan.
  • Application for water meter unit.
  • Driveway Permit: Fee: $25.00. Note: If home is on a County Trunk Highway, the applicant must apply to County for Driveway Permit.

New Homes

CONTRACTOR/OWNER is responsible for taking out the Building Permit. Fee includes heating, plumbing and electrical permit fees. Have fee calculated by City Hall staff.

The applicant must include a set of building plans along with a completed Energy Worksheet and Erosion Plan when making application for permit.

Applicant must list name and address of all applicable contractors for the proposed project such as licensed plumber, heating and electrical contractors.

Building Inspectors Office shall be contacted for notice of all required inspections 24 hours in advance by calling Paul Birschbach at 849-2451 (city hall).

The Following Inspections Must Be Made:


  • Before concrete is poured for footing.
  • After basement wall is completed.
  • Before insulation is installed.
  • After completion of building.
  • A Certificate of Occupancy must be issued before moving in.

  • Contact Utility for location of service before building.
  • After roughing in wiring and before insulation or walls are closed.
  • Final – After completion of building.

  • Before covering drain tile.
  • Before covering service from lot line and sewer below basement floor.
  • After roughing in and before insulation and walls are closed.

  • After completion of building.

  • After heating equipment is installed
  • ***NOTE: SUMP PUMP shall be installed and piping rigidly secured and drain to storm water connection. Water service valves inside the foundation shall be a full flow valve.

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