Chilton, Wisconsin

On-Line Bill Payments

City of Chilton residents have the ability to pay their water and sewer utility bill on-line or in person with a credit or debit card.


To pay water and sewer bills online: 

         ·    Go to

·    Select Register if you want to save information to make future payments easier or select Continue to make a one-time payment.

·    Follow the prompts to fill out the registration form, if you are registering

·   Follow the prompts to make your payment

·   Confirm payment amount, convenience fee, and total

·    Review the Terms and Conditions then click "Accept" to proceed

·    You will receive confirmation that your payment has been completed successfully. Print a copy of the confirmation. If printer is not available, write down the confirmation number and keep it with your records.


There is a fee for using this process. It is $1.00 for check and savings payments; 2.75% (+50¢ if under $100) for credit and debit card payments. 


Debit and Credit card payments are also accepted at City Hall.


For more information contact City Hall at 849-2451 or e-mail


Auto Pay Available for Water/Sewer Bills

     The City of Chilton is offering residents the ability to pay their water and sewer bill automatically through their checking or savings account.

   Auto Pay is a free and voluntary payment option.  After completing a brief form and including a voided check, you authorize the city to withdraw the amount due on your quarterly water and sewer bill from the checking or savings account of your choice on the due date. The due date will be on the 20th of the following months: January, April, July and October.

   Every customer will still receive their water and sewer bill in the mail to keep for their records.

   For more information on applying for this program, contact Lisa Meyer at City Hall at 849-2451 or dowload the auto pay form below and return it to City Hall.


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