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Chilton Police Department FAQs
Below are frequently asked questions off the Chilton Police Department. If there's a question you have but is not answered below, please call us at 849-4855 or e-mail us at
What is Chilton's Winter Parking Rules?

City of Chilton Winter Parking Restrictions


Per City of Chilton Municipal Code Chapter 4, Section 4.06 PARKING RESTRICTIONS (7) WINTER PARKING RESTRICTIONS.   The following restrictions are placed on any vehicle between November 1 and extending to April 15:


1.       No person shall park or leave standing any vehicle or equipment upon any of the streets or alleyways of the City between 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.

2.       Alternate parking is required for vehicles in residential areas during the daytime.


Alternate parking means on even numbered calendar days a vehicle must be legally parked on the side of the street with even house numbers; on odd numbered calendar days a vehicle must be legally parked on the side of the street with odd house numbers.

What is Crime Stoppers?
The Calumet County Crime Stoppers offers a cash reward up to $1000 and anonymity to citizens who furnish information leading to the arrest, bind over and/or conviction of all felony and certain misdemeanor offenders and the recovery of stolen property and dangerous drugs. If you have any information about a crime please call Calumet County Crime Stoppers at 920-849-1477 or on the web at You can remain anonymous.
How do I pay a parking ticket?
All payments for parking tickets shall be made within five (5) days of the date issued to the Chilton City Hall between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Failure to pay such forfeiture within five (5) days for such violation shall double the forfeiture. Failure to pay within thirty (30) days after a written notice will result in court action with a penalty of up to $55.00 plus costs and suspension of your vehicle registration
How do I pay a citation other than a parking ticket?
If you do not wish to appear in court, you may post the deposit amount quoted on the top of your citation copy in lieu of a court appearance. If you deposit this amount by mail, please enclose either your pink copy of the citation or the citation number, along with a check or money order made payable and mailed to:

    • Calumet County Clerk of Courts
    • 206 Court Street
    • Chilton WI 53014

You are required to do one of the following:

    • Appear in court on your court date
    • Post the amount of the deposit prior to the court date
    • Plead "not guilty" through the mail prior to the court date.

Failure to take care of this complaint in a satisfactory manner may result in a driver’s license suspension of up to five years.

What are illegally parked vehicles?
Whenever any police officer finds a vehicle standing upon a street in violation of a prohibition, limitation or restriction on stopping, standing, or parking, he/she shall move such vehicle or require the operator in charge thereof to move such vehicle to a position where parking is permitted, and the cost of moving such vehicle shall be paid by the owner of such vehicle.
What's the city's ordinance on storage of junked vehicles?
City of Chilton ordinance regard junked vehicles indicates no person shall accumulate or store any junked, dismantled or inoperable motor vehicles or parts thereof outside of any building on any real estate located within the City except upon special permit issued by the Council.


Whenever the Chief of Police shall find any such vehicles as set forth in the above section, he shall cause such vehicle to be removed or stored on municipal property for 30 days, at the end of which time the City may dispose of such vehicle unless previously claimed by the owner.


Before removing any such vehicle from private property in the City, the Chief of Police shall notify the owner of the property upon which such vehicle is located of the intent of the City to remove such vehicle. If such vehicle is not removed within 15 days after notice, the Chief of Police shall enter such property and cause such vehicle to be disposed of. The cost of administering this subsection shall be charged against he property owner upon which such vehicle is located and if not paid shall be entered as a special charge against the property in the tax roll.

Are recreational fires allowed in Chilton?

Short answer is yes, but there is regulations. Below is the city ordinance concerning recreational files.



(1)  INTENT.  The intent of this section is to establish guidelines for the use and construction of recreational fires and outdoor cooking apparatuses.




(a)  Recreational Fire - Any fire such as a campfire or cooking fire, fire pit or portable fire container for the purpose of recreational and personal enjoyment.


(b)  Outdoor cooking apparatus - A charcoal grill, gas grill, smoker, camping stove or similar apparatus designed exclusively for the cooking of food. 


(c)  Structure.  (Structure is defined in Municipal Code Chapter 16.03 (2) (bz) 

Anything erected, the use of which requires more or less permanent location on the ground; or attached to something having a permanent location on the ground.  This shall include signs.


(3)  GENERAL REQUIREMENTS.  Recreational fires shall comply with the following requirements:


                (a)  No recreational fire shall be closer than twenty (20) feet from any structure.


                (b)  No recreational fire shall be in an area larger than 42 inches by 42 inches.


                (c)  Any pit used for a recreational fire shall have a minimum depth of 10 inches and shall be covered when not in use.  This pit shall be surrounded on the outside by a noncombustible material such as concrete block or rock for a 12-inch width all around the perimeter.


                (d)  All recreational fires shall be contained within the pit or other container in which the combustible material is located.


                (e)  All recreational fires shall be supervised at all times by at least one person who age is 16 years or older.  If not supervised, such recreational fire must be extinguished.


                (f)  Combustible material used in recreational fires shall not include rubbish, garbage, treated wood, hazardous materials, flammable or combustible liquids, vinyl, plastic or rubber materials.


(g)  Police Personnel shall have the right to require any fire to be immediately extinguished if the smoke is offensive to surrounding residents or creates a hazardous condition.


(h)  Recreational fires utilizing a portable fire container shall be located on the ground, asphalt, concrete, gravel and paver bricks.


(i)  Recreational fires are permitted between the hours of

                                1:00 PM to 10:00 PM         Sunday – Thursday           

                                1:00 PM to midnight           Friday and Saturday            

                                Any day/evening preceding a federal holiday: 1:00 PM to midnight



                The requirements described in section (3) for recreational fires shall not apply to any outdoor cooking apparatus.  Such apparatus shall only be used outdoors at ground level.


What is a Special Notification Bulletin and when is the public notified?

The criteria of a Special Bulletin Notification is restricted to only those subjects that have the following:


  • Two separate sex offense convictions that meet registration criteria,
  • The offender is convicted of sexually violent offense(s),
  • Deemed to be a high risk of re-offending prior to release from the correctional institute. 

Offenders that meet one of more of the three above categories are the only offenders subject to the community notification.  Before these offenders are released from prison the chief or member of the sheriff’s department meet with members of the Dept. of Corrections and review the case information specific to the offender to provide a plan to notify the public if the law enforcement officials choose to do so. 


There are three levels of notification:


Level 1 – Limited to just law enforcement

Level 2 – Notification targeted to specific groups related to the offend pattern of behavior

Level 3 – Expanded notification.  This notification would be to the general public, such as door-to-door, media releases, or a community informational meeting.


The Chilton Police Department's goal is to find the balance between the public’s need to know and the need to create an environment that enhances the offender’s potential to succeed in re-integration and rehabilitation in the community.  We need to consider and be sensitive to the potential impact on victims with these notifications.  Lastly, we need to balance the intent to safe-guard the community against not imposing additional punishment on the offender, but increase the offender’s accountability.


In conclusion, public notification for offenders that actually fall into the Special Bulletin Notification category is at the discretion of law enforcement officials. We carefully review the information on a case by case basis while keeping the safety of the community uppermost in mind. We look at creating or maintaining an environment favorable to lead to success for the offender to become a productive, law-abiding member of society.


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